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Below are resources and stories related to art

Andrew Schnieders

   Andrew Schnieders Profile

After returning from 13 months in Iraq, Staff Sgt. Andrews Schnieders, navigates through emotional trauma by drawing.

Richard Casper

   Veterans Coming Home | Creativets

Richard Casper wanted to do something to assist other veterans as they transitioned from service to civilian life, so he…(more)

Josh Bleill

   Josh Bleill Profile

Combat Veteran Josh Bleill finds peace in the art therapy process of dance despite losing both his legs in Fallujah.

Vet to Vet: Yvette

   Vet-to-Vet: Yvette | Wisconsin Public Television

“I was a Fellow with The Mission Continues. They gave me something to do. They didn’t just say, ‘Take it…(more)

Eugene Burks, Craft in America: SERVICE

   Craft in America: Service

Craft In America: Service honors military men and women through an unexpected prism: craft.  From the origins of the Army…(more)